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Careers for Professional Drone Pilots

The drone industry continues to show good progress without signs of slowing down.

The growth in the job market for drones has made a career as a Professional Drone Pilot an attractive prospect for many. These are the most common careers for professional drone pilots if you are interested in leaping into the exciting drone industry:

1. Drone Photographer and Filmmaker

There are many ways for drone photography to be profitable. You can take photos and sell them online, provide event coverage, offer your services to print advertisers, or take aerial photos for real estate agents. It’s an easy field to get into, mainly because there are already a lot of photographers with professional-level skills.

A filmmaker with remote piloting skills can also use drones to capture aerial videos, which is now a standard element in filmmaking.

If you can capture aerial photos of news-worthy events, there’s also the chance that your footage can attract a news agency or a documentary producer. Private companies also employ the services of a drone filmmaker to shoot corporate videos, while advertising and event companies look to drone photographers for aerial imagery.

2. Search and Rescue Team

Law agencies and emergency responders have taken the initiative to use drones to help them expand their capabilities. A drone is a perfect tool for situations that require search and rescue. A drone can cover large ground areas, provide a birds-eye view of the search area, and be deployed at a moment's notice.

3. Drone Instructor

Drone flight instructors are essential to ensure the remote pilots in the industry are well-trained and competent to conduct their intended operations.

As an experienced drone pilot, you can build a career as a drone instructor at a training organisation.

Most training organisations will look for drone pilots with a minimum number of years of experience in drone flight, particularly in commercial operations.

4. Drone 3D Modeller

Any industry that requires heavy construction, such as mining, urban planning, and civil engineering, can benefit from a 3D modeller. A detailed model can help companies plan and measure the length of roads, identify hazards, etc.

This job requires skillsets in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and relevant software that can help you plan the scope of the survey and make a flight path for your drone.

As 3D Modellers are in demand, with a lack of drone pilots with the right expertise, professional drone pilots who can offer this service can demand a premium rate for such services.

The above career options give you quick insights into building your expertise and experience as a Professional Drone Pilot.

The drone industry is growing, and you want to be part of this growth!


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