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Do I need to be CAAM Certified?

Are you using drones for commercial work or intending to do so?

It is mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) to obtain a Certificate of Competency for Higher Risk – Specific UAS Operations. 


Studying at Drone Academy Asia gives you the certification, tools and continual development to be the best drone operator in your industry! 

Don't Leave Your Training to Chance

Why would you risk you and your company’s future with inferior training?

The biggest organisations trust us with their training:

CAAM Courses Offered

We also Cater for

•  Customised Courses 
•  Training Bundles 
•  Corporate and Special Packages

Types of Courses

Uncertain about which Training Program to take?

Fill up this form and our Drone Education Consultants will be in touch with you

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Course Enrolment Process

  1. Consult with our Drone Education Consultant

  2. Select the Most Suitable Drone Training Program

  3. Complete the Registration Form and Submit All Required Documents

  4. Attend Training and Complete Stringent Assessments

  5. Be a Certified Remote Pilot


The training at Drone Academy Asia was personal, with a suit-your-needs approach.

- Safwan Bahari bin Shamsul Bahari, Chief Product Officer -

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